Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches @2017

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My Evergreen Story


Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches @2017

Evergreen Association

Of America Baptist Churches

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Belonging to the Evergreen Association has given our church an opportunity to partner with other churches who are diverse in ethnicity, practice and polity.  This diversity reminds us that the world is composed of Christ-followers who do not always look like “us” – either physically or spiritually (dare I say “politically”, too?).  We encounter conversations of the heart that open the world to a deeper and broader understanding of journeys that have not been our own, and we are invited to tell our own stories in a context of respect and caring.  We have welcomed those who do not speak our language – either literally or figuratively – and we have grown in our understanding of the world, as well as in our personal and corporate faith. 


Belonging to the Evergreen Association has been a risky proposition –making decisions with non-traditional approaches and extending ourselves and our churches to experience shared ministry in new ways.   But from the challenges and the risks has been born a more beautiful picture of the Kingdom –here, now, and in heaven.  



Cathy Kernen, Pastor, Grace Baptist Church, Tacoma WA

Cathy Kernen