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Evergreen Resources

                 When the Spirit Moves

Our Executive Minister, Marcia Patton, is the co-author of the book, When the Spirit Moves published by Judson Press.

(you can access the site below). The book seeks to give help to those who are contemplating or are in the midst of moving from one call to another. Check it out today!


                Support Evergreen with your purchase at Judson Press

Evergreen ABC is pleased to announce a partnership with Judson Press, National Ministries' publishing ministry for the denomination. "Judson Press Regional Rewards" is an affiliate bookstore program that provides an easy way to generate funds for our region's ministries.

Here's how it works:

•Purchase books, curricula, church supplies and more online at http://www.judsonpress.com/ .

•At checkout, enter code 38 in the Region Code box.

We will then receive a check worth a generous 10% of the total sales based on our region's code.

If you're already a Judson Press customer, simply start using the code when making your purchases and our region will benefit from the sale. If you haven't ordered from Judson Press in the past, now is the perfect time to shop its impressive inventory. Check out new releases, best sellers, curriculum samples, clearance items, church supplies, and more.

Available for the Local Church--ACT Resources

Academy of Congregational Transformation


•Missional Church

•Spiritual and Relational Vitality

•Learning Disciplines

          •Systems Thinking

•Mental Model

•Shared Vision

•Creative Tension

•Team Learning

Resources for consensus building--ACT Resources

Resources for Consensus Building and an ACT PowerPoint on Missional Churches are available now.

(Click respective link above)

More will be added soon.

Cultural Competency & Planned Change


     •Respectful Communications Guidelines

     •Mutual Invitation

     •Community Building Bible Study

     •Iceberg Analogy of Culture

     •Process for Planned Change



•Introduction to Natural Evangelism

•Assessment of Your Style

•How to Put the Styles to Work

•Styles and Your Church


In 1987, the Bishops and Denominational Executives from churches in the US Pacific Northwest, offered to the tribes of the Pacific Northwest, on behalf of the Christian churches they represent, an apology for long-standing participation in the destruction of traditional Native American spiritual practices. The text of the original apology and a follow-up statement from 1997 is contained in the pdf file below.

Apology to Native Americans

Building Relationships with American Indians and Alaska Native People

Article contained in pdf titled

Why should people of faith care?