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  Marcia’s Musings:  Its All About Relationships (Part2)

  Last month in this column I shared a bit about some of our ABC/USA relationships. There is another set of relationships closer to home that needs attention. Most of you know that Evergreen was started in 2000 by the then American Baptist Churches of the Northwest (ABCNW) (now going by Mission Northwest) asking Seattle Baptist Union (SBU) churches (American Baptist Churches in and around Seattle) to start a new region. There was a provision in the request that any church in SBU which didn’t want to be a part of the new region could opt out and any church in ABCNW which wanted to could opt into the new region. Seattle Baptist Union still exists. In fact, SBU has  undergirded Evergreen from the beginning by initially lending us their resources of bank accounts, insurance, etc. so we could become a provisional region with ABC/USA and then yearly granting us significant dollars so we could afford our two full time staff people (Clem and myself). It has been a close relationship and a valued one in many ways.

  Much like SBU, but different, too, is Washington Baptist Convention (WBC), another entity that preceded ABCNW.  WBC consists of all American Baptist Churches in Washington and North Idaho. WBC owns the building in which Evergreen currently has its offices, and WBC owns four camps: Burton (on Vashon Island where we’ve held many leader retreats), Bethel (near the Washington coast), Cascade Meadows (near Leavenworth Washington) and Ross Point (Post Falls Idaho).  WBC holds title to or is named as the beneficiary of some properties if the congregation should leave ABC or fold. A number of years ago WBC decided to place a percentage of dollars into a New Church Development fund for Mission Northwest or Evergreen or both depending on the church properties acquired so that such monies would continue to be used for new church development. Evergreen has about $330,000 in that New Church Development account right now, and we are working with WBC to grant a loan to Filipino-American Christian Fellowship to help them get their building built which will mean the bulk of those funds won’t be available until the loan is repaid. The WBC partnership in ministry affords Evergreen wonderful office space and our churches have choices of camps and conference centers.

  In addition as our California churches joined us we now have a relationship with the Pacific Coast Baptist Association. The best part of this relationship is the programming: Baptist Lunching Together (BLT) monthly and other occasional programming; connecting with the  Seafarer’s ministry and an ordination committee for the churches in that part of the country. They are a  blessing!

  I thank God for these relationships-the ministries these bodies do and the contributions they make to our collective work.


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