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Rev. Dr. Marcia Patton

Executive Minister

Marcia’s Musings

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  Marcia’s Parting Musings

 This past weekend, Mylinda and Gary Baits came to my house for lunch. I put Gary to work to help hang the beautiful beaded peacock with which the Evergreen Burmese Community blessed me.

I will be reminded each day of you as I see the peacock flying over my steps. At the bottom of the steps is the lovely mosaic that will remind me daily of the wonderful journey we have had.

I am thankful for all the support I’ve received over the years, the support of encouraging words as well as the monetary support. I pray that the support will continue and increase.

Equally, I am full of prayers for your future. I pray that you will give Doug Avilesbernal as much respect and honor as you have shown me. I know that he will seek to walk with you as I have and will lead you in ways I could not. I pray you will embrace the next challenges together with Doug and God.


I pray that we will all find a way to meet God with the people who have no voice or little voice. I pray that Evergreen will speak into the world with God’s actions of justice, hope, and love. I pray that Evergreen churches will be stronger in part because of their relationship with Evergreen. I pray that we will continue to learn to listen to one  another and appreciate the new insight that listening brings to us.

I will be available until Doug comes to be with you around January 22 and I retire from this position. But I do not quit working. The work will be different, the pace will be different, but God does not let any of us walk away from God’s service, so I will continue to serve. I look forward to seeing you along the continuing journey!

PS:  For those in the greater Seattle Area: After January 1 you are welcome to come by the Evergreen offices and take any books on my bookshelf for yourself! I’ll gladly see all books gone. Whatever is left on January 18 will be given away or recycled.


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