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Haiti Mission Trip Day #1


Hello!  I've been self -assigned and designated by the group to give you
some reports on our Haiti trip.  Clem thought you could put them on your
facebook blog.

We all arrived in Port-au-Prince Haiti safe and well, though tired,
yesterday afternoon.  Nzugna met us at the airport and took us to the hotel
we were staying in for the night.  The culture shock started right away.
We were approached by many men at the airport who wanted to carry our bags
from the door to the parking lot where Nzugna waited for us, to earn some
money.  We tried to tell them no as he had told us to do, but they were
very persistent.  As we talked about this in the van ride to the hotel,
Nzugna politely reminded us, "They are good people, you know.  They're just
doing what they can to support their families."

On the short drive to the hotel.  We saw colorful tap-taps, vans that are
traveling murals.  The vans looked packed to us, but Nzugna says there is
always room for one more.  Another van drove by us in the opposite
direction with live chickens tied to the top.  People walked by on the
street balancing large boxes on their heads, without holding on at all with
their hands.  The drivers did a great job navigating the streets.  There
are no lanes, but as far as we witnessed people drive where they need to
and stop for one another.  While we were stopped at a light a few boys came
to the van to beg for a dollar.  Their mother with her baby eventually
joined them.

Our hotel in Port-au-Prince was very nice.  Nzugna is taking good care of
us, we are well fed and well hydrated with bottled water.  We ate a
delicious dinner of rice, beans with spicy sauce, chicken, cooked carrots,
green beans, beets, and fried plantains.  A man circled our table and
poured out a lavender liquid, which we assumed kept the flies away.

We had our first nightly devotion last night, and everyone reflected on our
experience so far that day.  Keith read us the passage of Moses.