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Priscilla Lowe

Association Chair

Mbr. New Beginnings Christian Fellowship

Chair Notes

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    Email me : pbl.deacon@hotmail.com

    Or, Write me: Evergreen Association of American Baptist Churches,                         409 Third Ave South, Kent  WA  98032



  A Message from The Chair:  

  Unity in a Changing World


 This is my prayer:


 Thank You Lord for this day  You have made; I am rejoicing in it!


 When I look around, I see turmoil, disasters, hate, discord, instability and uncertainty; hopelessness and lack of leadership in high places.

Yet I continue to believe that You are our loving, able, God.


 And my faith is made stronger when in the midst of Hurricane Harvey, I see unity among people from all walks of life: neighbors, kinfolks, church leaders, and people from neighboring states unifying around the common cause – survival in daunting situations.  


 Thank you that your people are reaching out to lift someone else from the raging waters and in turn that person is reaching back for someone else.   Knowing that all are important in Your eyes, we are here for each other; and we show it by caring for each other.


 You are our mighty God, and we serve You in faith because You have given us love, hope and unity.



 Let’s keep our sisters and brothers in Texas, and Mumbai and Nepal India in our daily prayers.


 Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns at pbl.deacon@hotmail.com

 Thank you, and Blessings to all -


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